Spiritual CPR

I was late getting to the Rob Bell party. In fact, it was breaking up by the time I found out about it. I know my kids were into Nooma videos back in their youth group days. I’ve never watched one of them. I thought they were just some trendy church marketing ploy to engage a younger audience. Maybe they were. I still haven’t watched them.

It was about the time I was fully into my faith crisis that Love Wins was pubished. I was so critical of anything related to Christianity by then that reading any book, even one that was polarizing so many people, had very little appeal to me. I wasn’t about to trust some hip pastor with a trendy eyeglasses and some well produced videos to tell me anything about God.

A few years later, I read What We Talk About When We Talk About God. I think it is funny now, because I know how much weight Bell puts on titles. It was the title that drew me in. I really liked Huraki Murakami’s book What I Talk About When I Talk About Running. I figured Rob Bell might be more informed culturally than my initial judgement if he was playing off that book title (and Raymond Carver‘s original title). I know I’m an idiot.

Now, I’m a fan girl. Well, fan woman. I really don’t like to be referred to as a girl. I listen to Rob Bell’s podcast as regularly as I used to attend church. Today was a world’s colliding episode. John Philip Newell was a guest. Newell and I share similar stories. His father was a big deal in the denomination I left. I went to camp with his sister. We were part of a group of Conservative Canadian Evangelicals.

It was so refreshing to hear Newell being interviewed and to have that feeling that I am not the only one on this journey. I’ve written before about my spiritual director’s challenge to me to not try and live my faith the way I used to live it. I’ve been rolling that around in my head for months. Pondering what I sensed was a deeper insight than I was grasping and not quite getting. Today, I found a bit more clarity.

Newell compared the idea of resucitation with resurrection. When Jesus died, his body was not found and resucitated. It was resurrected. Listening to this podcast, I realized that my faith has been resurrected. The new, that which I couldn’t possibly know, is unfolding. I have been invited to open up to what I don’t know. This is a theme for me right now. Something I am also seeing in business books, novels and movies. We are waiting for the future to emerge. Like pregnant women waiting to give birth.

I have stopped doing spiritual CPR on a faith that is dead. For too many years, I was like the town’s people in Waking Ned Devine. Completely aware that this faith I was dragging around was dead but if I could just be convincing enough I would get the payoff. If I could just keep going with business as usual it would be OK. There are so many religious institutions trying to sell us on resucitation instead of resurrection. So many people who are perpetuating the illusion because they don’t know what else to do. We have entire systems built on it. It is hard to step into the unknown but I don’t want to keep the charade going. I want to be honest and truthful about who I am. I want to be part of what is waiting to be born.